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The Illinois Local Government Lawyers Association recognizes the professional achievements of local government lawyers through its Awards Program. The Association began this practice in 2001, presenting awards to attorneys who foster professional education, interaction, and exchange among other governmental attorneys, as well as those who have made outstanding contributions to local government law in the field of litigation, innovation, and over their lifetime in their careers.


The first awards were given at the Association’s Annual Conference in February of 2001 and have been given continuously since then.

Awards are given for the following categories: Litigation, Innovation, and Distinguished Service for both current year and lifetime achievement. Nominate a colleague today!


Litigation Award

The Litigation Award is presented to a firm or attorney who has established favorable legal precedent for local governments during the preceding year.

Mathias Delort Marconi v. Chicago Heights Police Pension Board, et al., 225 Ill.2d 497 (2006)
Tim Bishop Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 531 U.S. 159 (2001)
Joan Fencik and Steven A. Weiss Thomas v. Chicago Park District, 534 U.S. 315 (2002)
Mara Georges City of Chicago’s successful litigation throughout the year 2002
John Mullen Village of Lake Villa v. Stokovich, 211 Ill.2d 106 (2004)
Ken Florey and Nanci Rogers Napleton v. Hinsdale, Napleton v. Hinsdale, 229Ill.2d296 (2008)
John B. Murphey Walker v. Calumet City, 565 F3d 1031 (7th Cir., 2009) and Mann v. Calumet City, 588 F3d 949 (7th Cir., 2009)
Sarah Jansen Koehler v. Illinois Liquor Control Commission, 405 Ill.App.3d 1071 (2nd Dist., 2010)
Julian Henriques, Jr. Portis v City of Chicago, 613 F3d 702 (7th Cir., 2010) and American Beverage Assn. v City of Chicago, 404 Ill.App.3d 682 (1st Dist., 2010)
John B. Murphey Christian Assembly Rios de Agua Viva v. City of Burbank, 408 Ill.App.3d 764 (1st Dist., 2011) and Nowak v. City of Country Club Hills, 2011 IL 111838 (2011)
Margo Ely, Patricia Johnson Lord and Mark Antonio Scarlato Patrick Engineering v. City of Naperville, 2012 IL 113148 (2012)
Benna Ruth Solomon, Myriam Zreczny Kasper, and Christopher S. Norberg Palm v 2800 Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association, 2013 IL 110505 (2013)
Robert J. Long, Lawrence R. Moelmann and Nancy G. Lischer Lake County Grading Company v. Village of Antioch, 2014 IL 115805 (2014)
Victor P. Filippini, Jr. Gurba v. Community School District No. 155, 2015 IL 118332
Michael W. Condon and Yordana Sawyer Burrell Trust v. City of Kankakee
Lorilea Buerkett Board of Education of Springfield School District No. 186 v The Attorney General of Illinois
Kristen Foley and Robert R. Wilder Naperville Smart Meter Awareness v City of Naperville, 11 C 9299 (7th Cir. 2018)
James L. Simon, James A. Martinkus, Thomas S. Yu and Frederick Stavins (2021)

I-57 and Curtis, LLC
v. Urbana and Champaign Sanitary District, City of
Urbana and City of Champaign, 2020 ILapp(4th)

Hal R. Morris, Elizabeth A. Thompson, and Thomas A. Laser (2022)

McCaffrey v. Village of Hoffman Estates, 2021 IL App (1st) 200395


Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is given to a firm or individual attorney who has developed a new or novel way of approaching a local government legal issue, either through the development of an ordinance, legislation or procedure designed to solve a problem or create an opportunity for a unit of local government. Past Innovation Award winners include:

Steve Mahrt Development of a pay-by-mail city court system
Joe Hooker and Rhonda Olds Development of an ordinance prosecution networking group
Wayne Karplus, Ann Marie Lampariello-Perez, and Steve Holz Established a seminar devoted completely to municipal prosecution.
Jack Waaler, Sonni Williams, Ann Marie Perez, Wayne Karplus, Rhonda Olds and Steve Holz Championed and assisted in the development of the Supreme Court Rules revisions for Ordinance violations.
Frederick Stavins (2012) Development of the ILGL Info Share networking site.


Distinguished Service Award

An Annual Distinguished Service Award is made to an attorney who has, during the previous calendar year, exemplified the Mission Statement of the Illinois Institute for Local Government Law, and the attorney or firm has promoted professional education, information, exchange, and interaction among local government attorneys. Recipients of the Annual Distinguished Service Award include:

  • Julie A. Tappendorf (2021)
  • Thomas A. Thanas
  • Ronald G. Matekaitis
  • Justice Tom Kilbride


Robert J. Mangler Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Achievement

A Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Achievement may also be made to an attorney or firm who has promoted the ideals of the Institute over a career for a period of 25 years or longer. In 2011 the board voted to rename the ILGL Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of Robert J. Mangler, the Association’s first President and first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is now known as the Robert J. Mangler Lifetime Achievement Award.IMG_20170220_132140178_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg









Recipients of the Robert J. Mangler Lifetime Achievement Award include:

2001 Robert Mangler
2002 Jack Waaler
2003 John Zimmermann, Bill Quinlan, and Jack Siegel
2004 Kelly Kost, Pat Curtner, and Timothy McGree
2005 Pat Lucansky and Kurt Froehlich
2006 Robert E. Becker
2007 Dr. James M. Banovetz and Thomas W. Kelty
2008 Richard Williams
2009 Terry Barnicle
2010 Barry L. Moss
2011 Murray Ross Conzelman and Mara Georges
2012 Ronald N. Schultz
2013 William Raysa
2014 Ronald S. Cope
2016 John B. Murphey
2017 Honorable Russell W. Hartigan
2017 James A. Rhodes
2018 Frederick C. Stavins
2019 Steven Mahrt
2020 Justice Mathias W. Delort
2022 Thomas P. Bayer


Longevity of Service Award

In 2014, the ILGL Board established the Longevity of Service Award which is presented to an attorney who has represented a municipality or unit of local government for a continuous period of over 25 years.



2015 Everette "Buzz" Hill Villages of Northfield and Mount Prospect
2015 William Raysa Village of Buffalo Grove
2015 Frederick Stavins City of Champaign
2016 Earnest R. Blomquist III Village of Arlington Heights
2016 Thomas W. Good Village of Woodridge
2017 Stanley Pagorek Villages of Burnham and Crete
2017 James Stevenson Village of Crete
2018 Thomas P. Bayer Village of Lombard
2018 Burton S. Odelson Village of Orland Hills
2019 Wendy Morthland City of Decatur


Listserver of the Year

In 2018, the ILGL Board created an award for “ILGL Listserver of the Year” will be presented at the Annual Conference to an ILGL member based on the following criteria:

(1) quality of responses to questions posed on the Listserv; and

(2) number of responses to questions posed on the Listserv. 




2019 Brian Day
2020 Robert J. Long

Lenoard "Jamie" Snyder

2022 Robert J. Long
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