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Center for Governmental Studies
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2020 - March/April

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Table of Contents

Article Page
 Director's Column;  Notes from the ILGL Annual Aconference   3
 General Counsel's Column   4

 Something to Think About:  Let's Talk About a Quorum

 One-Year Limitation Under the Tort Immunity Act   7
 ILGL Committees  12
 Wanted:  New Members!  12
 ILGL Committee Volunteer Form  13
 ILGL Elects New Officers  14
 ILGL Welcomes New Members  14
 ILGL Presents It's 2020 Awards  15
 ILGL Press Release Award Given in Writing Competition  15
 Winner of Franklin W. Klein Student Writing Competition Award  16

ILGL Nuts 'n Bolts Workshop Summary Notes, February 13, 2020

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