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2022 - September/October

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Table of Contents

Article Page
Director's Column  3
General Counsel's Column 5
Something to Think About 7
The Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act: A Change in the Law 8
Administrative Adjudication Seminar, September 30, 2022 10
Welcome New ILGL Members 13
ILGL Announces 6th Annual Writing Competitions 14
2022 Administrative Adjudication Seminar - A Great Program 15
Calling All Municipal Prosecutors 16
Introducing ILGL’s FOIA & OMA Special Interest Group 16
ILGL Membership Application Form 17
You Deserve an Award 19
ILGL Award Nomination Rules 20
ILGL Nuts n’ Bolts Summary, September 29, 2022 22
ILGL Nuts n’ Bolts Summary, October 27, 2022 23
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